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How do you stand out from the crowd in a field as competitive as commerce? With content that offers added value, that is entertaining and memorable!

Content marketing has a clear advantage over advertising: It’s not immediately perceived as advertising – whether it’s on social media or your company website.

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Content and e-commerce: 5 tips for better content

1. Develop a content strategy with personas and main topics
Among other aspects, the content strategy defines who is supposed to find your content. In addition, it outlines your main topics, your tonality and action plan. In short, a content strategy defines the central theme of your online communication. Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?

2. Offer useful content
People tend to trust brands who provide answers to their questions and help them solve their problems. Consequently, run-of-the-mill content isn’t an option. Instead, what you need to do is identify your customers’ particular needs and expectations. That’s why the punkt & komma editorial team builds on the “wh”-questions of actual users. Whether it’s in your online shop, on your social media profile or as outcome of your influencer collaborations – your customers expect to be offered useful content.

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3. Spread your content in a clever way 
Content commerce is all about smart content distribution. Interlink your content assets and distribute them on different channels. Go where your target group is most likely to find your content, be it on Instagram, in an online magazine or as part of a personalised newsletter.

4. Use expressive images and videos
Storytelling with stock photos? Not very likely to work! Using your own, unique imagery and videos is the key to brand awareness on the web. Individual images make a perfect combination with Tip No. 2, for instance, to stand out from the crowd with tutorials including videos or step-by-step photos.

5. Measure and improve
There are many ways of fine-tuning your content marketing measures, particularly in the field of trade and e-commerce. Whether it’s product descriptions on your web shop, social media posts or newsletters: It’s possible to measure almost anything online. Regular content analyses help you gain important insights to make your content even better.

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© punkt & komma
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