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Granted, B2B content marketing is quite different from B2C marketing. However, the online channels and activities you can draw from are the same. Ultimately, decision-makers put their trust in companies that provide answers and solutions.

Comprehensive content & marketing solutions

Key aspects of B2B content

Content marketing, employer branding, lead management, social media: All of these are important marketing aspects for the manufacturing industry. However, the one decisive factor in B2B marketing is trust.

From their first point of contact with a brand, B2B decision-makers are on a customer journey. High-quality content and expert knowledge give companies the chance to build trust at every touchpoint of this journey.

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B2B services at a glance:


  • Web copy & blog posts: It’s all about professional texts that present a company’s products, services and values without sounding too technical. After all, engaging content guides users from the first click on the provided information on their path to conversion.

    With comprehensive blog and magazine articles, companies present themselves to customers, suppliers and stakeholders as experts in their field. What’s more, this type of content also helps to lend personality to a business.  


  • White papers & e-books: By providing their customers with expert knowledge instead of keeping it all to themselves, companies can build trust.  


  • Employer branding on social media: Positioning a company as an attractive employer starts on social media. Facebook, Xing, LinkedIn: B2B companies should interact where their potential employees are communicating – ideally with a thought-out social media strategy.


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