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Sometimes, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel – you only have to turn a few screws. Imagine our services in the field of analyses and audits like a good bike repair shop.

We’ll check your material and show you what you can do to make things run smoother. If you want, we’ll even build a whole new bike for you (not really, we’re still talking about content here!), but often an unbiased view from the outside already makes a big difference in terms of better performance. We’ll oil the wheels of your online presence!

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We’ll analyse your content

Keywords, links, tone of voice, web conformity, relevance with your target group … During a content audit, we take a close look at all the content you have. We’ll show you which parts are already doing great and which ones could do better – all based on solid data. This means that you can base any future strategies on facts and figures instead of gut decisions – whether you’re planning a website navigation or new topics for your blog.

HPCU analysis, content analysis or CRO audit: We offer you various bespoke audits and analyses for your products and services. Would you like to have your website, your newsletter, your online shop or your entire web presence checked for optimisation potential? We’re up for the job!

By the way: Did you know that you can also improve your website’s performance with a content management audit?

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