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Blatant advertising on social media? Not a good idea if you want to appeal to the social media community! As we all know, audiences are fairly critical – and quick to leave your account if you “annoy” them with advertising that’s trying too hard to sell.

The way to your target audience’s hearts: relevant posts that smoothly integrate into the flow of your users’ feeds. Whether they’re paid or organic: Native posts are an important step towards authentic, entertaining and clever social media communication. Do you want to swap classic advertising for smart social content creation? Then we are your first port of call!

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  • Content recycling: incl. pre-production, editing, voiceover, sound design

  • In-house production: incl. pre-production, in-house shooting, editing, voiceover, sound design, post-production

  • Production on location: incl. pre-production, shooting on location, editing, voiceover, sound design, post-production

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  • … work for more than 100 satisfied clients.
  • … have won numerous national awards and consulting prizes.
  • … rely on a professional process.
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