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With content by punkt & komma, you can always be sure that it works. Why is that? Because our work is not based on gut decisions – it is built on solid strategies and data. Plus, we don’t just care about the “before” part – we also see to what comes after.

Our job is not done when one of our texts, videos or social media posts goes online. Now’s the time to validate our concepts: Does the content deliver on its promises? Does it perform the way it should? During comprehensive monitoring procedures, we keep an eye on all important KPIs and make adjustments when necessary.

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  • comprehensive content monitoring
  • professional content consulting
  • regular reports
  • detailed content analyses
  • ongoing keyword monitoring
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Professional monitoring isn’t just for brand-new punkt & komma content. Maybe you would like to put your existing content to the test? We’re happy to check it for you and make a professional assessment of your website or newsletter.

Session duration, bounce rate, CTR, keywords … We’ll have a closer look at all of this for you, providing you with a comprehensive report on what works – and what doesn’t. And maybe with a good reason why you should invest in professional content by punkt & komma.

Did you know that we offer many other analyses and audits?

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