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Who’s behind the project

Founded in 1899, Viega is one of the world’s leading family-run businesses in the field of plumbing and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) solutions. The company has over 4,700 employees at more than ten company locations and cares about societal and environmental issues. Viega’s headquarters are located in Germany.

The overall aim of Viega is to improve people’s lives: with high-quality, durable products – and with systems that help to save energy and further climate objectives.

The installation technology expert offers solutions instead of products, providing answers to the questions of tomorrow. The company’s major fields of competence include the establishment and development of drinking water hygiene, energy efficiency and home comfort and security. For all of this and more, Viega provides intelligent systems for the buildings of tomorrow.

What was the reason behind the project?

Viega Austria and social media – not a very likely combination in the past. However, together with punkt & komma, the family-run business decided to break new ground and launch not one but three social media channels. As internal resources were limited, Viega needed a strong partner they could fully rely on – enter punkt & komma as their strategic and operational social media guide!


  • increase brand awareness and brand recognition of Viega Austria
  • increase reach and engagement
  • image: position Viega Austria as the expert for installation technology on social media
  • provide information and entertainment for relevant target groups 


One of the biggest challenges was to set up the brand’s social media channels from scratch. In January 2021, punkt & komma started to operate new Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube channels for Viega. It was important to pave the way for long-term success right from the get-go, so the agency’s focus was on building a devoted fan base and supplying them with relevant content. To get this content out into the social media world, Facebook ads were used for an additional boost during the first two months – all in collaboration with the campaign experts of elements.

The second big challenge was the industry itself. The goal was to turn the digital spotlight on the B2B niche topic of installation technology, also beyond the company’s website. What’s more, we wanted to ensure that the brand sets itself apart from their competitors, making them stand out from the crowd. To do so, we also made use of Pinterest, where Viega now presents inspiring topics leading to special landing pages and more detailed product information on their website. In addition, occasional memes are used to provide the personas with a unique mixture of expert knowledge and entertainment.

The special nature of the project

Making installation technology more tangible was both a challenge and a pleasure for the team of punkt & komma. Social media measures were based on the efficient Viega Social Triangle, comprising Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube, and included occasional memes that were illustrated in-house and animated for use in Facebook campaigns. To solidify the company’s expert status, we also launched a series of explanatory videos with the hashtag #FragViega (ask Viega).

Talking about videos: The first year of collaboration was a busy time for punkt & komma’s Visual Team. In addition to ongoing photography and videography projects, they also developed and implemented a communication concept for the brand’s image campaign “We are Viega Austria”. What’s more, punkt & komma also devised and produced a video for the 150th anniversary of Viega’s partner company ÖAG.

Project services at a glance

  • social media training package (Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube)
  • social media management (Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube)
  • visual package for memes, photoshoots, pins, videos (240 hours)
  • video productions (short clips for social media, image video and partner video)
  • copywriting for 12 inspiring landing pages for Pinterest
  • animation of memes & FB start campaign (paid)
  • ongoing post boosts

The results after one year of punkt & komma for Viega

The first year of collaboration was a right success, with Viega’s new positioning on social media coming on strong. The social media channels are all doing well, living up to the predefined goals. Facebook, the brand’s main channel, yields particularly positive results. The Pinterest channel is on the rise as well, providing users with some extra inspiration in the field of installation technology, drinking water hygiene and bathroom design.

Facts 2021

  • Facebook: 5.4 million impressions, 1.4 million post reach, 456 k engagement
  • Pinterest: 13.9 k impressions
  • YouTube: 51.6 k impressions

Upcoming projects in 2022

In 2022, punkt & komma will continue to take over the social media activities of Viega, with regular content being published on Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube. An additional focus will be placed on the “design consultant” persona, with cross-channel social media communication and relevant content addressing this target group.

It’s a fact that social media needs top-quality videos and imagery. That’s why we will once again focus on outstanding video productions and photo shoots in 2022. In addition, there will be an update to the website’s strategy and content, with project services centring around a new content and navigation concept and new web copy. What’s more, strategy development and copywriting for an online magazine are currently being discussed to offer even more added value for the brand’s personas.

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