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Because it’s possible to plan content

Strategy & concepts

It’s not about more content, it’s about better content

With a thought-out strategy, successful content has the power to turn the marketing spotlight on every business. Whether it’s a new website, the launch of an online magazine or a new social media channel: A sound content strategy paves the way for the success of your online communication.

The central theme of content marketing

The elements of a content strategy

  • communication objectives
  • definition of target groups including personas
  • navigation concept with “wh”-questions, relevant SEO pages and main keywords or
  • social media concept with role allocation, visual language, thematic focus points
  • action planning and time management


These and other aspects are discussed during an initial kick-off workshop.

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Thought-out and targeted

Why you should opt for a content strategy by punkt & komma

The punkt & komma strategy team knows what it takes to make a company’s story work across different channels. We’re convinced that every company – tourism, trade or industry – has a story that’s worth being told online.

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The central theme

The strategy outlines the central theme of your entire corporate communication – from website to newsletter and from online campaign to social media measures. An elaborate marketing strategy ensures that all channels are connected to achieve the optimum communication output.

The result: a consistent appearance that is easily recognisable for customers. The best thing about it: punkt & komma offers the complete package!

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The central theme in content marketing

You’re in need of a successful content strategy?

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Only individual concepts work.

Marketing concepts that rock

One size fits all for content marketing concepts? Certainly not! Content marketing strategies are like business suits: Only the tailor-made ones fit perfectly. That’s why for us, “run-of-the-mill” is out of the question.

We take the time to really get to know companies and products. We ask questions and develop consistent concepts. Concepts that are truly unique.

A content concept by punkt & komma outlines the major marketing steps for each year – from blogs to online magazines and social media.

With the help of an editorial calendar, it’s easy to create content in advance. This helps you save time and money and generally makes life easier for you. 

The best thing about it: All individual measures are ideally coordinated.

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Long-term content design experience

That’s how punkt & komma works

Effective content marketing calls for a thought-out overall strategy and for coordinated individual measures. That’s how you get a consistent complete package – and ensure communication with an impact.

We guide businesses on their way to the perfect content strategy – no matter whether you’re looking for the complete package or for individual measures. We give you just what your company needs. And we make sure that your target group is provided with relevant content that they truly enjoy reading.

Sounds good? You bet it is.