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Why you should listen to your community

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Lisa Pletzer

Listen to your…

... social listening tool! Wondering what that is? We have the answer! In our blog post, you will learn everything you need to know about the topic and why you should definitely look into investing in a social listening tool.

Too much information, too little time

The opinions and information relevant to your business are constantly changing. Keeping an overview in this jungle full of information is almost impossible – after all, there’s only 24 hours in a day. But no need to panic! We’ve got the solution for you: What you need is a comprehensive social listening tool!

What is social listening?

Social listening describes the collection of relevant information in social networks. Mentions in posts, comments, blogs, forums and on websites as well as important industry keywords should be monitored regularly. Special social listening tools collect and analyse this information in real time – so you are always up to date on your brand image, current trends and the competition.

How do social listening tools work?

Sure, social listening tools help you automate the collection and analysis of data. But to provide you with information that’s actually useful, they need to be adapted to what’s relevant for your business.

Some important questions you should ask yourself: 

  • Do I limit the observation period or do I observe in real time?
  • Does a geographical limitation make sense?
  • Do I only want to keep an eye on certain languages?
  • Which keywords are interesting? Which words do I want to exclude?

Time to watch the magic happen! Once you have set up the tool correctly, you’re ready to rumble: The tool collects content and classifies it as positive, negative or neutral based on its tone. From there, a clear picture of opinions about your company and your products or services emerges.

Our tip

Because not all mentions are the same, you get even more precise information if you include additional categories in the analysis. For instance, you might find it particularly interesting to know whether your customers rave about the packaging, the price or the availability of your offer.

What makes social listening so important for your business?

Still not quite convinced? Here are the key benefits of social listening tools:

Benefit #1

Monitor your brand image.

Sure, your company is great. But does your community see it that way, too? This question can be easily answered with a social listening tool. You can use it to find out the general sentiment towards your brand. What’s more, you can collect valuable benchmarking information by comparing your company with competitors. You might have to step up your game because you want to be perceived as funnier, more informative or perhaps more authentic than the rest. And it will quickly become clear whether you need to implement measures to improve your brand image.

Benefit #2

Find the perfect (influencer) match.

Influencers have become indispensable brand ambassadors on social media. They bring valuable content and new creative ideas to the table. But are the influencers you use really authentic and relevant to your target group? Social listening tools help you to identify the ideal influencers for your brand.

Benefit #3

Measure the impact of advertising measures.

The new campaign is going well – but how much has brand awareness really increased as a result? Social listening tools provide a concrete numerical picture of mentions throughout the campaign.

Best of all, if you choose your analysis categories wisely, you can even determine the response of specific target groups through these mentions.

Benefit #4

Develop first-rate products.

Nowhere else can you get customer feedback faster than through a social listening tool! The needs of customers are identified and analysed in real time – and thus serve as your secret weapon for successful product development. Ideally, you also take into account important suggestions for improvement and trends earlier than others. Really – that’s the way to go if you want to make sure you impress your target group with your products and services!

Benefit #5

The competition never sleeps.

What are your competitors doing? And more importantly: What does your target group have to say about them? Social listening tools provide the answer. Opinions on products, prices and services of the competition can then be included in the planning process at an early stage and taken into account during product design.

Benefit #6

The customer is king.

This old saying still rings true. Why? Customers regularly share their wishes and requirements with the community. And any dissatisfaction gets shared on social media as well. Social listening tools help you to provide lightning-fast customer service. Because monitoring helps you recognise negative comments at an early stage and deal with them immediately.

The result: greater trust in your corporate brand!

Benefit #7

Be a trendsetter.

TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn and other platforms have a decisive influence on the emergence of new trends. With a social listening tool, you can always keep an eye on the traffic and react to the latest developments at an early stage.

Ready for social listening?

If you want to listen to your target group a little more closely from now on and need some help with that, you’ve come to the right place! The punkt & komma team will be happy to help with the creation of your social listening strategy. Simply send us an e-mail!

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