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Why your company should be on LinkedIn

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Christina Heekeren-Thür
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This much is clear: LinkedIn has developed into the top platform for digital B2B communication in recent years! A total of 706 million users worldwide and more than 15 million in the German-speaking realm attest to the success of this social networking site. So it's high time that you took advantage of LinkedIn's full potential for your business and tapped into the latest social media trend. What are you waiting for? Create your company profile and get started!

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Why your company should be on LinkedIn

First things first: Before you start using LinkedIn, think about your objectives! Who do you want to reach and what do you want to achieve with your company presence? After all, there are many possibilities on LinkedIn. So why do you want to use the business network? We have summarised 5 good reasons for you:

  • Positioning yourself as an expert: The business platform offers you plenty of great opportunities to position yourself as an absolute industry expert.
  • Building a relevant network: Get in touch with relevant people from your industry and build a network with a wide reach. Important decision makers are often present on LinkedIn. This makes the platform perfect for networking.
  • Generating leads: Studies have shown that traffic from LinkedIn generates a higher visitor-to-lead conversion rate than Facebook or Twitter. An enormous potential that you should take advantage of!
  • Increasing brand awareness and reputation: By regularly publishing and sharing content, you can position your company in the marketplace and increase your visibility. In addition, boosting awareness and your brand's reputation also has a positive effect on winning new customers.
  • Recruiting employees: Finding new talents is often not that easy for companies. LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to make an impression on potential candidates and get in touch with them directly.

As you can see: Especially when it comes to B2B marketing, LinkedIn is definitely the right platform for you! However, in order to make full use of all the possibilities and to achieve your goals, you should take an active and professional approach regarding your company's LinkedIn presence. To make it easier for you to get started, we have put together 10 tips and recommendations, which you should take to heart.

10 tips for optimising your company's LinkedIn presence

Tip 1: Use appropriate & authentic wording

On LinkedIn, users clearly pursue a different goal than for instance on Facebook or Instagram. So, of course, you need a different wording and tonality than on your other social media platforms. Main premise: It needs to reflect your brand. Be as authentic as possible and, at the same time, respectable!

Good to know: For status updates, you can enter up to 600 characters. But mind you, after 150 characters the infamous "Show more" button appears. So you should put the most important information at the beginning of your post!

Tip 2: Build a community

Building a community is not always easy. However, if you want your business to succeed on LinkedIn, this is an important point to keep in mind. Like, share and comment on interesting contributions from others to draw attention to yourself. However, the basic requirement for this is a professionally managed company account. This is the only way to create trust and connect with the users!

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Tip 3: Get your employees involved

Especially in the beginning, colleagues and employees are the most important resources for building a community on LinkedIn. If all employees are connected to the company site, this opens up further networks that can have a positive impact on the company profile. Hence, it's important to encourage your employees to make their position within the company visible on their LinkedIn profile. Even better: Try to motivate them to share posts in their network! You should also think about actively tagging employees in posts by the company!

Did you know? According to studies, content posted by employees is often deemed more credible. 

Tip 4: Publish relevant content

Active employees, but boring content? One thing's for sure: If the content you publish isn't relevant for your target group, the attention of the users is bound to nosedive. So your aim should be to create interesting and relevant content that provides an added value for your audience. This can be anything from blog articles and product information to industry news and trends. There are no limits to your creativity!

Important: Once in a while, you can also share relevant blog posts and news from external sources.

Tip 5: Strategically plan your postings

No plan, no success! That's why you should definitely work with an editorial schedule for LinkedIn. This way you can keep an eye on your posts and know exactly which content will be published when. Particularly important: consistency! The more you post, the better! But make sure that the quality of your posts remains high.

You should also consider publishing a mix of different types of posts. Statistics show, for instance, that posts containing an image get 98 percent more comments. Videos are another great way to generate interaction on LinkedIn.

By the way: The best time for posting something is in the morning when people have their first cup of coffee (07:30 – 08:30), at lunchtime (12:00) or in the late afternoon just before they head home (17:00 – 18:00). The only exception: Friday afternoon, because many people start their weekend early!

Tip 6: Don't forget about community management

As in any social network, community management should not be neglected. As a company you can comment, tag or share on LinkedIn. The important thing is to be empathic and responsive to the questions of your community! Make sure you reply quickly and try to enter into a dialogue with your followers.

Side note: Adapt the CTA button on your company profile!

Tip 7: Use relevant hashtags

No question about it! Hashtags should not be ignored on LinkedIn either. They can even be integrated into the text. As a rule of thumb, you should use at least three hashtags per post. In addition, we recommend you monitor relevant hashtags and get involved in expert discussions. Companies can follow three hashtags.

Tip 8: Create and participate in LinkedIn groups

In order to boost your status as an expert, it is advisable to become active in LinkedIn groups. The members of a group usually have similar interests. Groups thus offer an ideal platform for exchanging views on various topics and for asking and answering questions. Important: At present, only private users can become active in groups. However, as a company you can create a group. This once again highlights your status as an expert!

Tip 9: Run LinkedIn ads

Of course you can also run targeted ads for your posts on LinkedIn. It's possible to filter people by profession, industry, company, skills and interests. This way you can run LinkedIn ads exclusively for those who work in your industry, for instance. In addition to sponsored content, there are various other advertising options, such as text ads and sponsored InMails, which help you achieve your goals.

Tip 10: Understand the LinkedIn algorithm

To really understand LinkedIn, let's also take a quick look at the algorithm! After all, it's no secret how LinkedIn rates the content on its platform.

  • First, a bot crawls the content and rates it as spam, low-quality content or approved content. What does this mean for you? Quite obviously: High-quality content is king! After all, you want your content to be classified as approved.
  • Does your post get likes? Is it getting shared? Great. Because interactions also have an impact on the platform's algorithm.
  • The bot then examines the post for further signs of spam and checks its credibility and the quality of the respective profile.
  • Finally, the content is checked by real editors. They decide whether it should continue to be appear in the feed or be displayed even more.

With this background knowledge in mind, you can easily get started on your company profile on LinkedIn. Do you still have questions or need help with drawing up a strategy? The team at punkt & komma is here for you!

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