How to use TikTok for your business

5 tips for the success of your TikTok account

Claudia Höckner-Pernkopf | © punkt & komma
Claudia Höckner-Pernkopf

There is currently no way around TikTok in social media marketing. No other platform has seen its user numbers skyrocket in such a short period of time. Whether it's reach or brand awareness: The successor to holds enormous potential for businesses.

Are you wondering what you should consider when creating a business account? We'll tell you!

TikTok – how does it work?

Make every second count! The TikTok slogan sums up the secret of the app's success: Short, relevant videos that deliver what they promise – this is what the social media platform from China is known for and thrives on.

Unique about it: In contrast to Instagram, Facebook etc., users only see videos on their TikTok home page that match their individual interests. The TikTok algorithm is based on the respective user data: Which videos did the user click on? Which ones did they watch to the end? The app evaluates this information and displays similar content from people around the world on the "For You Page".

Even users with few followers have the opportunity to land on the home page of numerous people with whom they are not directly connected. The prerequisite: good content. TikTok rewards this with an enormously high organic reach. With comparatively little effort, a video can go viral within a very short time and generate millions of views.

Why you should use TikTok for your business

For businesses, this means more reach and brand awareness. A valid reason but not the only one why the app is becoming increasingly interesting for companies.

If you've always wondered where young target groups hang out, TikTok is at least part of the answer. Two thirds of the users are younger than 30. If you're targeting future buyers or employees and want to establish your image in this segment, now's the time to do it: Create an account and get started! Zalando, Mercedes and BMWmotorrad show how it works.

The fact that TikTok trends can also bring sales success can be seen in the example of Chipotle: Via the TikTok campaign #GuacDance, the US fast food chain was able to demonstrably increase its avocado sales by 68 per cent. And that's just one of many success stories.

You can also download all of our TikTok tips summed up on a handy infographic.


Message is king

Creative, unique and authentic: TikTok is less about polished glossy videos and more about short clips with relevance. This applies to videos by private individuals as well as to those by entrepreneurs and businesses. Important: Only short is beautiful. Your TikTok clips should last no longer than three minutes max – and be sure to always record them in portrait format!

Also keep the following in mind:
  • When creating a video, focus on your target group and personas! Think about what they want to see. Then you'll also get the views.
  • People, people, people: TikTok users want to build relationships with a person, not a product or company. That's why you need to show people and tell stories! Use the opportunity to let users look behind the scenes of your company. Start with a meet-the-team video or a short clip about the last company event.
  • "You'll never believe what happened on the way to the office today!" Address your users directly and get views with teasers that arouse their curiosity! Or motivate them to follow or participate with a call to action! Interaction with your followers and invitations to engage with your account are key.
  • With TikTok, it pays to try something new. There are no limits to your creativity. Even product tutorials and product presentations can be exciting and funny! The market launch of the Dr. Oetkers fish finger pizza, for instance, showed this quite impressively.
  • Tricky for companies: In addition to the target group and what works well on the platform, the content must also fit the brand. That’s why working with professionals on planning and implementing your TikTok account is definitely worthwhile.

Trends? Challenge accepted!

Being up to date on the latest trends is crucial on TikTok! So: Be sure to take part in trendy challenges and use effects to make your videos more attractive! For your business, it's the perfect opportunity to interact with your target audience and provide insights into your business. Ideally, you can come up with your own challenge, asking your target group to take part in it. Tip: With your business account and some advertising budget, you can boost the reach a little.


Hashtags for more reach

Speaking of reach: Using the right hashtags increases the chance of ending up on the "For You Page" of your target group. That's precisely why it's important not to neglect this step when creating your video. We have briefly summarised our guidelines for hashtagging on TikTok for you:

  • Less is more: Choose your hashtags carefully!
  • Go for trending hashtags! 
  • Supplement them with niche hashtags for your target group!
  • Take part in hashtag challenges!
  • Use the classics: #fyp, #foryou #viral #TikTok #trending
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Choose music that goes with the content

TikTok thrives on music to spruce up and add another layer of meaning to video content. Choosing the right song for your video has a significant impact on its reach. That's why you should search the TikTok music charts and use what best suits your content, your target group and your company!

Whether it's a dance, duet, tutorial or product presentation – here’s a rule of thumb for the selection of the perfect TikTok song: The more current the music, the higher your chances of getting a lot of views.


Wait for the right moment!

Timing is everything. This also applies to your TikTok posts. A study recently identified the best times to publish new TikTok content. Great times in terms of user engagement: Tuesdays at 9 am, Thursdays at noon and Fridays at 5 am. A well-planned editorial schedule is key in this regard!

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Do you want to draw on the know-how of experts when setting up your TikTok account? The punkt & komma social media team will be happy to support you in the creation of a successful content strategy and in the realization of your business goals.

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