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These are the keyword tools the punkt & komma team uses

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Susanne Gmachl
Content marketer

Why W-questions?

Back in English class at school, the W-questions were omnipresent. At the end of each exam, we kept asking ourselves whether we had answered them all extensively enough and whether we had provided the reader with all the relevant info. The same is true today if you want to create useful content. 

Which questions do our personas ask? Which answer is Paul looking for when he’s searching for the perfect destination for his next ski holiday? And what’s relevant to Miri when she wants to buy a new washing machine? Millions of search queries are entered into Google on a daily basis. Our task is to answer them as well as possible and deliver valuable content.

What’s a W-question tool?

W-question tools help us accomplish exactly that: To show Paul where he should spend his next ski holiday and inform Miri about the advantages of washing machine A over washing machine B. How do the W-question tools achieve that? 

Well, it’s not that complicated: What matters is the keyword – let’s say “ski holiday”. If this term is searched for, the W-question tool spits out all the questions that were asked regarding said keyword. Exactly those questions that real people entered into the search. For instance, “What to pack for ski holiday”, “ski holidays with dogs”, “ski holidays with kids”, “checklist for ski holidays with kids” and so on. 

The cool thing about this is that it not only gives you a better idea of your personas’ needs, but it also helps you to give your content a clear structure. 
Mitarbeiterin bei der Webtext-Produktion. | © punkt & komma

punkt & komma’s favourite W-question tools

We work with W-question tools almost on a daily basis to find out which content the different personas and target audiences of punkt & komma or our clients search for. Or just as a means of gathering inspiration. 

That’s why we’re happy to present our two favourite keyword tools for finding W-questions today: 

Answer the Public

www.answerthepublic.com is pretty self-explanatory: select a language, enter the keyword and the tool starts analysing. Once the process is complete, you can choose between visual and table view and then you can start scrutinising the results. Answerthepublic.com combines and arranges them according to the various W-questions. For instance, “where”, “what”, “when”, “which” and so on. We also really like Answer the Public’s visual illustration of the W-questions! 

The tool isn’t just cool but also completely for free.


The www.hypersuggest.com tool is free of charge as well and gives you even more options. It not only analyses the search queries on Google but also those on YouTube. Convenient: You can go through the list of results and highlight the results that you would like to keep in mind. As a final step, you can download the list of all bookmarked W-questions or print it. 
Screenshot vom W-Fragen-Tool Hypersuggest zum Thema Skiurlaub | © Hypersuggest
In case the W-question tools are a little too extensive for you, there’s another easy option to find out what the most import search queries are: Just google your keyword and scroll down to the end of the search results … 
Screenshot von ähnlichen Suchanfragen auf Google zum Thema Skiurlaub | © Google

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