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How to become queen or king of content

Read, learn more and most importantly – make use of the following tools and you’ll feel like a god or goddess as your fingertips dart across the keyboard. 


little helpers for creative ideas
Creativity is the key to great content. But even the most creative writer runs out of ideas at some point. To make sure that the blinking cursor doesn’t become a source of anxiety, there are a few handy tools to reignite your creativity. 
One question, a thousand answers


On Quora, you can ask the community questions that are immediately answered. Or to put it another way: You get answers from a large group of people with a broad spectrum of knowledge on different topics. Additionally, the questions are categorised and grouped. A perfect first step for finding ideas. 
More than just a photo pinboard


Pinterest is primarily useful for gathering inspiration for future photo shoots. Depending on the search term and personal account settings, you get suggestions in your Pinterest stream. At a second glance, Pinterest is a lot more than just a collection of photos, though. It’s a kind of “search engine for ideas” for more than just posting, liking and viewing images. Its developers like to call it a “visual planning and development tool”. Users can collect interesting bits of content all over the internet and pin it to their boards. That gives photographers and bloggers the chance to make their photos even easier to find. 

Talking about Pinterest: If you’d like to learn more about this trendy traffic magnet, check out the Pinterest workshop at ContentCampus! 
What is the user actually interested in?


To really impress your customers or your target audience with your content, you need the right ingredients. Imagine a big bowl, with all the ingredients scattered around you and all you need now is a recipe. There are a couple of tricks to ensure that your cake will turn out fluffy and make your taste buds rejoice. 
what, when, why …

W-question tools

First things first: Every good content writer has personas in mind before he or she starts writing. What would Paul and Miri be interested in reading? Which search queries are entered into Google a million times or more? There are just the right tools to give you all the important answers with just one click. There are? Yes, of course! W-question tools like Answer the Public or Hypersuggest do exactly that!

But it’s not just the internet that can make your research a lot easier. Good old print magazines will do the same. Just try the old-school way of doing research and grab a glossy magazine! 
Back to the past

The Wayback Machine

You’d like to know what a certain website used to look like in the past? Or you’d like to examine the structure of deleted or updated sites? The Wayback Machine lets you go on a journey back in time. How does it work? Just enter the site into the Wayback Machine and you can trace back archived copies! 
Roter Wecker auf Tisch

Organisation tools

Keep track of ideas and research tips
You’ve already done extensive research and would like to collect and combine the ideas and information you’ve gathered? Your colleagues should ideally have access to the results and be able to add their input as well? Project management tools are perfect for that. 
A tool that organises


Neat freaks will love this project management software! In Trello, you can save ideas for articles, assign a person in charge or even create a content agenda. A new app that lets you organise your own content marketing measures. Especially recommended for small to medium-sized teams! 
Your second brain


Forgetting important notes, meeting notes or to-dos? A thing of the past with Evernote! The tool lets you save to-do lists, documents and business cards. Just create a note and tag a colleague who should have access as well. Production and conceptualisation made easy! And before you know it, you’ll be known among your colleagues as “The Brain”! 
Make your everyday work easier by using these free helpers! And soon you’ll be the queen or king of content! 

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