How to use short videos in your marketing

All about TikTok clips and short videos

Thanks to TikTok, IG Reels and other formats, they’re all the rage: short, entertaining clips without a deeper storyline. With little effort, they ensure maximum output. You think this kind of videos can’t be used for your editorial calendar? Think again … and read on to find out more about suitable versions and successful integration!

15-second videos: short but sweet

We all know that short-form content or microcontent is perfect for making your web presence more memorable and lively and give it a more personal touch. Whether it’s images, infographics or videos – there’s plenty of choice. However, keep in mind that moving images are an unbelievably powerful tool when it comes to social media awareness. After all, you only have eight seconds to capture your users’ attention. The images of a short clip have the power to convey information in a matter of seconds, allowing our brains to process them more easily. Did you know that video content is processed about 60,000 times faster than text?

You’re worried about elaborate video production? There’s really no need! Actually, you don’t even need basic storytelling to create a successful short clip. That’s because moving images are all about emotion. If your content is able to capture the user’s attention during the first seconds because it’s original and funny, it already has a positive impact on brand awareness. Studies have shown that short, entertaining videos are remarkably popular. However, keep in mind that videos that are obviously trying to sell something are much less liked.


Short clips are a great way of presenting your brand from a new, fresh perspective. All it takes is some creativity, humour and most of all: courage!

Lots of people still think that short clips are nothing more than dance videos for teenagers, rendering them useless for editorial planning. In reality, this format has become quite an essential part of social media, so you should definitely try it!

TikTok is more than just dancing

The fact that most people immediately associate short videos with teenagers is mostly due to TikTok. The app has been downloaded more than two billion times – and not just by 12- to 18-year-olds! 67 per cent of TikTok users worldwide are older than 25 years. You can also find all sorts of brands and companies on TikTok. Some of the most active accounts belong to the likes of BMW, the Washington Post, Pringles or German radio station 1Live.

It’s not surprising that Instagram has recognised the great potential of short videos too. With IG Reels, the social media platform has launched an almost identical video format. The reels-explore section now has its own tab on the app’s home screen. This clearly shows the importance Instagram attributes to this kind of content.

The endless sea of social media platforms

You have a great idea for a short video? Then it’s time to choose the right channel for your content! Fortunately, that’s easy – because the choice is actually up to your target group. Just like with all other content on your editorial calendar, it’s all about the interests of your personas. Which social platforms are your users most active on? Do short video clips maybe even offer you the possibility to reach new target groups?

One thing to keep in mind is the online behaviour of different generations. For instance, Generation Z can almost exclusively be reached via social media channels, which they use like a search engine. Keep in mind that in a few years, this age group will be the highest-spending consumer class – as well as your potential new employees! This makes short videos a great tool for successful employer branding. For instance, how about a short clip about working at your company? Hashtag: #lovemyjob!

German banking institution „Volksbank Mittelhessen“ even has an entire TikTok account dedicated to their apprentices. The result: funny clips with a massive impact. Their most-viewed video has more than one million clicks:

Of course, it doesn’t always make sense to create a new channel just for your short clips. After all, social media accounts need to be updated and managed, which can be quite time-consuming. Instagram reels are a good alternative, as it’s often easier to incorporate them into your editorial planning. Having said that, TikTok still offers the largest selection of video filters and design options. Plus, many Business profiles on Instagram come without music because of licencing restrictions – despite sound being an essential part of the clips to convey humour and emotion.

The secret formula for short clips: Nothing’s impossible!

When it comes to producing successful short videos, you need a hands-on mentality. The format is all about spontaneity and creativity. Aspects like image quality are not all that important. After all, many of the videos are shot with a mobile phone camera. As Instagram pushes reels with greater reach, many users post high-resolution, professional videos. However, this is a classic case of missing the point as it comes across as rather unauthentic.

It’s better to play around with new options and familiarise yourself with the available features. Much of them are intuitive anyway. Plus, some accounts even have become famous due to their creative use of DIY video production tools. Our favourite: an iPhone attached to a cordless screwdriver to achieve extra fast image effects. Whether they’re produced with the help of your toolbox or not: DIY videos make for charming, popular content with an impact.

By the way: Hashtags are more important than ever! They are used to sort and display the clips in the explore section.

Sounds great, but you could do with a little inspiration? No problem:

1. Outfit swaps

Outfit swaps are one of the biggest trends when it comes to short videos. One minute you wear one outfit and then – jump or snap your fingers! – a completely different one. Cool transitions are generally a great way to spice up your clips.

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Me and my 2 personalities. ??? Which one are you?! ?

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2. Don’t take yourself too seriously

Talking about outfit swaps: One particularly popular way of transitioning is throwing your shoe in the air. Numerous influencers can be seen “catching” their shoe with their foot while swapping their outfit. Puma has done the same, albeit with a bit of tongue-in-cheek humour and a hint at reality:

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Rumor has it @readchoi is still on the run ?

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3. Challenges 

Challenges are particularly popular on TikTok. It’s all about getting your users to be part of a certain challenge. For instance, German online retailer Otto used the hashtag #machdichzumotto to try and get their users to literally “make a fool of themselves”. The result: 223 million hashtag impressions on TikTok and a great splash in the digital world.

By the way: Challenges aren’t just for people – as proven by oat milk manufacturer Oatsome:

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Vielseitig einsetzbar ??

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Are you ready to do your own short video? Great! Our social media team is always happy to help – from the first concept to the actual production. We can’t wait to juggle ideas with you!

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