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Think big and big things will happen for you! We take pride in thinking outside the box – during every project, every day. Run-of-the-mill solutions? Not for our clients!

That would be way too boring for our copywriters, strategists, social media experts, photographers, videographers and chatterboxes …

Portrait von punkt & komma Geschäftsführerin Ines Eschbacher. | © punkt & komma
Ines Eschbacher
Chief Executive Officer
Christine Schober
Public relations
Portrait von Katharina Wohlfahrt.  | © punkt & komma
Katharina Wohlfahrt
Content strategist
Portrait von Susanne Holzer. | © punkt & komma
Susanne Holzer
Content editor
Portrait von Christin Hock. | © punkt & komma
Christin Wald
Content strategist
Portrait von Christina Essl. | © punkt & komma
Christina Essl
Social media marketer
Portrait von Gabriela Freund. | © punkt & komma
Gabriela Freund
Content editor (EN)
Portrait von Pascal Rössler.  | © punkt & komma
Pascal Rössler
Visual storyteller
Portrait von Katharina Kopf. | © punkt & komma
Katharina Kopf
Content management
Regina Moser
Content editor
Johannes Kopf
Visual storyteller
Sonja Fritzenwallner
Social media marketer
Angela Schmitzberger
Content editor
Lisa Stern
Project management
Manfred Mitterbacher
Visual storyteller
Julia Huber
Social media marketer
Portrait von Christina Heekeren-Thür | © punkt & komma
Christina Heekeren-Thür
Social media marketer
Alex Bowen
Visual storyteller
Andrea Grundnigg
Social media marketer
Alexander Kaimberger
Content marketer
Lena Hackl
Project management
Claudia Höckner-Pernkopf
Content editor
Christa Schwandtner
Content management & Content editor
Leonie Sichler
Social media marketer
Portrait von Marion Gebhart. | © punkt & komma
Marion Gebhart
Human resources
Jan Thomas Steindl
Michael Urban
Portrait von Sabine Tritscher. | © punkt & komma
Sabine Reger
Front office
Tanja Onida
Human resources
Portrait von Julia Steffner. | © punkt & komma
Julia Dygruber
Social media marketer (on maternity leave)
Portrait von Susanne Esterbauer. | © punkt & komma
Susanne Gmachl
Content strategist
(on maternity leave)
© punkt & komma
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