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Visual storytelling
Authentic, rich in detail, emotional
Trite but true: A picture is worth a thousand words

Photography & video

Visual storytelling for web and social media

Presenting a situation in the best possible light: authentic, rich in detail, emotional. In photos and videos. We put your product in the limelight – no matter if it‘s a tourism region, an automotive product or a certain industry. That’s what visual storytelling is all about!

Your brand in the spotlight

Social media photography

A successful Instagram account without perfect photos? Simply impossible! Even on Facebook, professionalism has reached a new level. But how do you stand out from the crowd? With a unique image style and highly emotional photos. On social media platforms like Instagram, these aspects are even more important than for common web images.

The punkt & komma team sets out to tell your story. We take care of the entire photo shoot, from the very first ideas all the way to the actual shooting, the creation of mood boards, post-production, retouching and composing. Always in line with the latest trends and findings on how users perceive images on social media.

Short clips, stories, tutorials, image videos

Social media & web videos

You think that videos are the future? We say they’re the present – and indispensable parts of every social media profile and website! After all, YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. And if you want to be part of the game, you need professional video material.

With punkt & komma, you benefit from an experienced video partner who knows the web like the back of their hand. Our video team creates videos that work online – no matter if you need them for a social media platform or your website. Short clips for Instagram stories, YouTube tutorials or image videos for Facebook: We accompany you from the first idea to the moment your video goes online.

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Image photography

Social media is not the only reason you need powerful images – they are also an essential tool to make your website, blog or newsletter come to life. 

Our team of content marketers and visual storytellers is happy to compose and implement a bespoke visual language for your business – from business portraits to landscape photography. 

We know that image photography is all about the details – especially when it comes to large-scale campaigns. That’s why our photo team pays attention to every little detail.

Unusual? Stylish? Authentic? Anything you want – topped off with the right dose of professionalism.

Coaching durch punkt & komma. | © punkt & komma

Visual language

What makes well-known brands uniquely distinctive on the web and beyond? Exactly: a strong visual language. Recurring visual elements, colours, styles, camera angles and formats: It’s all the small details that make up the big picture. Our mission is to create images that perfectly go with the brand image and that are instantly recognisable for the target audience. punkt & komma’s thought-out visual language guidelines help photographers as well as marketing professionals to work towards a consistent brand appearance.

We are happy to draw up a visual language concept for your brand or work with the images you already have. We supply you with key visuals or handy shooting checklists and tell you what mistakes to avoid. At punkt & komma, visual language concepts are always developed by a photographer and a content marketer, ensuring a powerful combination of design and technology know-how and online marketing expertise. 

Graphics & animation

Motion design

Take a bit of graphic design, add to it some typography and a pinch of moving images, and what you get is an extraordinary audio-visual experience. It almost seems like magic when graphics, photos and fonts blend into each other in one stunning animation. Motion design is a genuine digital craft that we have perfected to be able to offer you

  • social media clips, how-to videos & tutorials
  • impressive scrollytelling landing pages 
  • animated infographics & logo animations
  • 3 D animations such as product presentations
  • teasers and much more!

In motion design, anything’s possible. That’s why we offer you professional consulting services as well as scripting, storyboard design, character animation, compositing and much more.

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Visual Storytelling

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