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At punkt & komma, professional web translations are more than just language versions: Our editorial team creates English web copy in line with SEO guidelines and based on corresponding keyword research. What’s more, we also offer English-speaking community management for various social media channels.

Language skills and web expertise

English copy written with online know-how

The copywriters of punkt & komma are English experts as well as web enthusiasts. Even native speakers appreciate our translations. After all, we produce web copy, blog posts, newsletters and social media content that strike the right chord with every channel.

Take English copywriting experience, add to it plenty of online expertise and what you get is content marketing that also performs in foreign languages.

International expertise

Our English services at a glance

  • SEO-compliant web copy and English translations
  • blog posts and online magazines in English (written in or translated into English)
  • social media and community management in English
  • newsletter marketing in English (written in or translated into English)
  • copywriting in British or American English
  • external proof-reading
  • quality control based on the six-eyes principle
  • creation of a Word document or CMS data entry
  • suggestions for internal links
  • creation of Calls to Action
  • English-language keyword research
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Content that both Google & native speakers love

SEO-compliant web copy in English

What’s the difference between a translation and a SEO-compliant text written in English? The background knowledge on Google! The English-speaking copywriters of punkt & komma know how to structure a text so that it ranks with Google. That’s why we use individual metatags like title and description and H-headlines for every translation.

On the other hand, professional German web copy is translated into English with a sure instinct for linguistic matters. Commissioning your web copy and language versions from the same source not only increases the quality of your texts but is also much more time-saving. 

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Finding the right keywords

English-language keyword research

punkt & komma also offers English-language keyword research for your web copy. The importance of certain keywords is not the same for every language. That’s why it makes sense to do an additional keyword research in English to ensure excellent performance of your web copy. In addition to linguistic differences, our English-language keyword research also considers the respective target group and its culture. The results are search-engine-friendly texts that are powerful tools for your English-language marketing measures.  

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