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Web copy that convinces people as well as Google

Successful web copy has to please man as well as machine. punkt & komma is one of Austria’s most seasoned content agencies and the perfect choice for companies from the tourism, sports, automotive or industry sector that wish to find their own online language.

A hit with Google and Co.

Web copy and content creation

What’s the difference between a good website and a great one? Well, apart from its design, navigation structure and images, text is a major factor. After all, it’s not enough for a website to look good, it also has to be found by search engines! And that’s where punkt & komma comes into play …

Skilled craftsmanship is required to create web copy that pleases Google just as much as your clients. The quality of a text determines whether it performs, i.e. whether it ranks among the top search results.

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Why you should opt for web copy by punkt & komma

  • We know what users are looking for and what makes Google happy.


  • We keep in mind usability, current SEO guidelines, ranking factors and, most importantly, high-quality, relevant content.


  • We’re always ahead of the game when it comes to web copy trends – whether it’s voice search, automated text generation or the latest Google update.


If you want to captivate your audience, you need clear and precise texts. After all, you want every word on your website to fit your company, target group and objectives.

When do you know that a text is good? When everything important has been said!

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Great service, word for word

Our web copy services at a glance

  • topic research and structure recommendations
  • search-engine optimised copywriting in German and English
  • creation of different content types: blogs, online magazines, newsletters, websites, …
  • definition of title, description and headlines (H1 to H4)
  • suggestions for internal links
  • creation of Calls to Action
  • objective editing and proof-reading
  • quality control based on the six-eyes principle
  • creation of a complete Word document
  • CMS entry
  • keyword research


That’s how much know-how goes into every piece of web copy written by punkt & komma!

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Content planning, research & structuring

Web copy creation

Creating web copy involves more than just writing text. The punkt & komma editorial team asks the right questions at the right time – and jam-packs your article with a maximum of information. Ultimately, relevant and successful web copy is not just about words, but also about the proper structure.

Take plenty of search engine know-how and add a sure instinct for language and target groups, and what you get is web copy that makes your company visible online.

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For texts that matter

SEO & WDF*IDF texts

Most content pages need more than two lines of text. We put the spotlight on vital topics with professional SEO and WDF*IDF texts. After all, Google first and foremost is a text search engine, making content the decisive factor for a website to be found.

SEO web copy is created with a strong focus on keywords, and it functions as an essential means to achieve better search engine rankings. The pinnacle of search-engine optimised content is web copy created in line with the WDF*IDF formula. With the help of special tools, we draw up a text structure based on the most relevant keywords.

Sounds complicated? It might be – but it’s an important part of our daily business. 

Verfassen von SEO-Texten. | © punkt & komma
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We know what works

Numerous clients place their trust in us.

Clients & references
The basics of online success

Keyword research

If you want your web copy to be found by Google, you need to do professional keyword research. A text optimised in line with certain search terms increases the relevancy as well as traffic of your content pages. For more extensive keyword research, we rely on the know-how of our colleagues and SEO experts at elements.at. Together, we identify relevant keywords by their search volume and competitors and accordingly choose the best main and extra keywords for every content page. Of course, all of this happens with your company objectives and target group in mind.

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From product descriptions to category texts

Web copy for online shops & e-commerce

Online shops need unique content that makes them stand out from the crowd and sets them apart from competitors. E-commerce is a highly competitive field that requires more than just standardised description texts to achieve higher rankings.

Individual texts, product descriptions and category texts make all the difference. Ultimately, unique content and a thematic focus not only please your clients but Google as well. 

In the creation of unique web copy, we draw from our ample experience with web shops from the fashion, sports and automotive industry.

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Content recycling: optimising existing content

Web copy editing

The content marketing world is everchanging. Web designs get adapted, new topics emerge, and sometimes things change faster than you think, for instance as part of an unexpected Google update. There are plenty of reasons for updating existing web copy.

In line with the principles of content recycling, the punkt & komma editorial team takes existing texts and optimises them to concur with new web standards, updated designs or an improved user experience.

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Turn-key content pages including data entry

Content entry & management

You could almost say that we speak fluent CMS. Content management is all about making sure that your punkt & komma texts look good online. We enter the web copy into your CMS – including images and captions, site architecture, internal links and Calls to Action.

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Verfassen von SEO-Texten. | © punkt & komma
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