Social media trends for 2022

What’s next in social media?

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5 trends to keep an eye on

New year, new social media trends! We have looked into the crystal ball to see what 2002 holds for you in terms of social media trends. Whether it’s TikTok or Social Selling: Align your annual strategy and stay ahead of the social media game!

Trend #1

TikTok – the shooting star of social media

One thing’s for sure: TikTok has long ceased to be “just a fad”. With around one billion active users every month, the video platform has become something like the shooting star of social media. What’s more, it has an interesting user structure: More than two thirds (63 per cent) of users are between 16 and 24 years of age. You think TikTok is not interesting for brands? Think again! Because remember: Just a few years ago, that’s exactly what we said about Instagram …

Your to-do for 2022: Have a look at TikTok and see what it can do for your business. Does it provide added value for your company? And why not just set up an account for your brand? After all, what do you have to lose?

TikTok is part of your 2022 marketing agenda anyway? Then don’t forget that your content should match the platform! Do you need help with your strategy or implementation?
The social media team of punkt & komma is always happy to assist!

Our take: TikTok is here to stay.

Trend #2

It’s all about moving images

Talking about video content: 2022 sees the moving images trend continue. Among other reasons, that’s because videos are generally an easier medium to convey emotions and information than images. Consequently, it’s not surprising that on average videos are shared 1,200 per cent more often than image or text content. Good to know: Videos with a total length of under two minutes tend to have the highest engagement rates.

Your to-do for 2022: Include different video formats in your editorial calendar!

Our take: Videos are particularly powerful marketing tools.

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„I see video as a megatrend.“
Marc Zuckerberg
Trend #3

Shopping sprees on the social web

Not least due to covid, online shopping has been on a constant rise, with a strong trend towards social commerce. Most major platforms have implemented respective features, although many are still lacking the final in-app check-out. However, this is probably just a matter of time, as Facebook is already testing a check-out feature in the USA.

Your to-do for 2022: If you sell products, think about whether it makes sense to implement a shop on your profile.

Our take: Shop features that allow you to finalise your purchase without having to leave your current platform are not only convenient – they are the future!

Trend #4

Authentic collaborations with micro & nano influencers

Did you know that 72.5 per cent of marketers in the USA are predicted to be working with influencers in 2022 (source: eMarketer)? And more often than not, it will be influencers with a comparably small follower base, as everyday influencers as well as nano or micro creators are often more authentic matches for a brand. After all, they are close to the community, sharing their “everyday life” with them.

What should you keep in mind when working with creators? No matter which topic or niche you want to cover, there will be dozens of creators with a loyal fanbase on the “market”, so keep your eyes out for them!

Our take: Working with smaller creators is beneficial for long-term customer relationships.

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Trend #5

Social media listening or “eavesdropping” on the social web

Since the start of the pandemic, many companies have jumped on the Social Listening trend. And that’s no wonder! After all, this marketing tool allows you to react in real time and in a very targeted manner – as they say, “speech is silver, listening is golden”!

Find out more about your customers! Are they really satisfied with your products, or do they prefer your competitors’ products? Keep in mind: When there’s the looming threat of a shitstorm approaching, it’s not enough to just listen. You need to act in order to show your community that you really heard them!

Our take: Be part of what’s happening and listen!

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