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… and how marketers benefit from them

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First things first: We love Pinterest! Used correctly, it’s not just a great source of inspiration and a search engine for ideas – it’s also a real traffic generator for your online marketing measures. What are the most popular Pinterest Board of 2018 and how do you use the self-proclaimed “visual search engine with social functions” most effectively? We, the punkt & komma team, are happy to share our insights … 
More than just a photo canvas


More than 150 million active users, 75 billion pieces of content and more than 2 billion search queries per month: Pinterest has a lot of potential – and gone are the days when it was just an American phenomenon. 80 percent of users post and like pictures outside of the US. But isn’t it just for women? Not at all! In 2016, about 40 percent of new accounts were created by men. 

By the way: Whether it’s men or women – a whopping 80 percent of people use Pinterest on a mobile device. So: “mobile first”! Optimise your board for pinning on a smartphone or tablet! 
Scrabble-Buchstaben stellen das Wort Pinterest dar

A matter of style

“How do I get my content into the private feeds of as many users as possible?”
A good question! What would you like to achieve with your marketing endeavours on Pinterest? Is it about the popularity of your brand? Would you like to retain and gain customers? Sell or offer inspiration? Give Pinterest its deserved spot in the social media and communications strategy of your company! 

Can we finally get things going? Not quite yet! It’s not just about what but also about who you want to reach. Fashion, lifestyle, tourism – every industry has its own audience. Maybe you’re into one of the following types or, even better, one of the following types is into you? These five topics were on the hotlist in 2018: 

1. Food lovers

Following the motto of “healthy meets tasty”, one of the biggest Pinterest categories of 2018 revolves around health. More than 19 billion ideas, dishes and drinks show: It needs to be healthy and tasty! 

Convenient for marketers: the recipe pin. Once users have decided on a dish, they would like to know how they can make it themselves – ideally, quickly and easily. 

Check out: “air fryer”, “souping”, “vegan desserts” 
Ein kleiner Auszug der unzähligen Pinterest-Boards zum Suchbegriff „air fryer“

2. Style checkers

Pinterest makes fashion trends come to life! More than 16 billion ideas in the fashion category are proof enough of that. Pins by style experts, diverse product images and pins that match a company’s logo – they all influence buying decisions. Important: Write in an easily comprehensible manner and don’t make it sound too promotional. That works better with followers! 

Interesting as well: Product pins that let you integrate price and product availability. 

Check out: “structured statement earrings”, “berets”, “cuffed short sleeves” 
Aufbau eines Boards des auf Pinterest erfolgreichen E-Commerce-Unternehmens mytheresa.com

3. Beauty queens

More than 48 million beauty pinners deal with the topic of skin and hair. Always on the lookout for brand-new products, tips and tricks … Just bring in a user with a lot of reach as an expert for your brand!

Particularly popular: tutorials – for everyday looks as well as special occasions. The best approach is to create special “video boards” just for moving-image content!  

Check out: “cleansing oil”, “lip tint”, “complexion matching” 
Pinterest-Auftritt von Benefit Cosmetics mit 3,9 Millionen Betrachtern pro Monat

4. Globetrotters

Pinterest accompanies adventurers on their journey around the globe – from the selection of their holiday destination to their research of hotspots on site. Not only that: souvenirs and inspiration surrounding the topic of travel are incredibly popular with globetrotters. 

Always in the right spot: location pins on maps that contain addresses and phone numbers help travellers get to where they want to go! 

Check out: “river cruises”, “24 hour travel”, “travel journal” 
Boards zu 24-Stunden-Reisen – einem weiteren Top-Thema auf Pinterest

5. Out-of-the-box thinkers

Be helpful! Life hacks and do-it-yourself tutorials are more popular than ever. Beauty products, interior decorations or party gadgets – more than 100 billion ideas inspire DIYers and tinkerers to get creative. 

Interesting for marketers: With the article pin, you can save content for later. 

Check out: “DIY home”, “paracord”, “camper remodel” 
Das Pinterest-Board von DaWanda überzeugt mit handgemachten Produkten und kreativen DIY-Anleitungen

Not a matter of style

The better the description, the more clicks you’ll get! This not only applies to online text but also to pins. No matter which type of Pinterest user you’d like to reach: In the seriously underrated description text, you can nicely package your keywords. Just as important: the right image format. Online marketing expert Dustin Scout recommends 735 x 1102 pixels. 

Last but not least: Think of your community! Daily community management is essential on Pinterest. As a reward for your efforts, you get to look forward to more followers and lots of repins. Promise! 

in, pin, hurray!

You’re chiming in with our rave review of Pinterest? Great! We’d be happy to help you get the most out of this awareness wonder – with our ContentCampus Pinterest workshop. On that note: Happy pinning! 

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