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Do you like to watch films, clips or reels? Well … You’re in good company! Videos are a tremendously popular content format and extremely well received on websites and social media. From a business perspective, video is clearly an image-building tool.

Focus on quality

If you use high-quality videos that meet the channel-specific requirements, you can ...

  • increase brand awareness.
  • improve lead generation.
  • increase sales of your product or service offering.
  • reduce the number of support requests.
  • increase the traffic on your website and your reach on social media.
  • optimise the target group’s understanding of your products or services.

Sounds good? Then grab some popcorn, sit back and find out what video trends are coming our way in 2023!

Trend #1

Life is live

In 2023, we can expect video to be used even more to communicate with target audiences. As Instagram influencers know, more and more companies will also try to sell their products in real time via livestreams in 2023.

It is already apparent that live videos are significantly more successful on some social media platforms than others. According to Biteable, an online video creation tool, the live format on Facebook leads to six times more interactions than regular videos.

More than a sales tool

By the way, live videos are not only used to boost sales. You can also use them for the following purposes:

  • Host live events for your followers.
  • Take your users with you and show them how the company’s day-to-day business works.
  • Conduct Q&A rounds to answer relevant questions.
Trend #2

Behind-the-scenes videos

When it comes to authenticity, nothing beats videos in which you give interested people a glimpse behind the scenes of your company. The video format is so popular because you can ...

  • give your target group a good insight into the company,
  • introduce your team,
  • show your viewers the planning and production processes,
  • tell the story of your brand, 
  • and share issues with your audience when needed.

What is it that you achieve with behind-the-scenes videos? You are able to show a very personal side of yourself to your target group and can thus intensify the relationship in the long term.

Trend #3

TikTok vs. Google as visual search engines

Is TikTok outperforming Google? Sounds unlikely at first. However, it is actually not that far-fetched. TikTok is well on the way to replacing Google as the preferred visual search engine – at least among Generation Z. According to an internal Google study, 40 per cent of young people use TikTok or Instagram to search for lunch locations.

How did Google react to this development? Although the search engine generally prefers YouTube videos, TikTok content is now increasingly being listed among the top search results.


TikTok 2023

In the coming year, TikTok will undergo a number of further developments that will make the platform particularly attractive for social commerce. First and foremost, the search function will be optimised to bring sellers and potential buyers together more quickly. In addition, further platform updates and the introduction of special purchasing and payment tools are expected. In this context, TikTok SEO will also become more important in 2023.

Trend #4

Video SEO

In the social networks, all the signs are pointing to reels, shorts and TikToks. Moving images also look good on websites and can become a traffic booster.

A study by Forrester showed that video content is 50 times more likely to generate top organic rankings than static content. The click rate is also said to be comparatively higher.

Another fact in favour of taking the video-first approach on your website is this: Videos are said to help increase sales! A study conducted by Hubspot showed the following result: 84 per cent of all participants said they had bought a product or service solely because of a video.

Google loves (YouTube) videos

An important change in Google’s search ad list illustrates the relevance of moving images. Videos are now an integral part of universal search results, and no longer appear exclusively in the video tab.

If you want to rank with your videos on Google, embed YouTube videos. Why? The video platform is owned by Google, so video content that originates there is prioritised and consequently ranked higher.

Checklist for video SEO

  • Publish videos regularly.
  • Use focus keywords in the title, tags and description.
  • Use high-quality thumbnails and images, and avoid generic images.
  • Provide subtitles and transcripts.
  • Use CTAs.
  • Place videos only on a content page.
  • Promote pages with embedded videos on social media.

Our verdict on videos and their role in SEO

Videos add quality to a website and help you reach more users. This has been the case in recent years and will continue to be the case in the future. Even simple video content, such as recordings that guide you through the content of a page, can be effective in the SEO context. The reason for this is that site visitors have multiple choices to consume content and nowadays play buttons are more likely to be clicked than posts read.

Trend #5

Increased focus on LinkedIn videos

While videos have been a staple on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok for years, there has been no focus on them on LinkedIn. That will change in 2023. For the first time, it will be possible to pack images and videos into just one post. The trend also increasingly goes towards reusing TikToks and Reels on LinkedIn.

We have already mentioned that brands are using live and behind-the-scenes videos to present themselves in a more approachable and authentic way. Accounts that have activated the LinkedIn Creator Mode can use the Live function to strengthen the relationship with their subscribers.

Trend #6

User-generated content continues to be important

Actually, user-generated content (UCG) is no longer just a trend. If you repurpose video content from your fans and give them the feeling of being seen, heard, loved and appreciated – then you will also be successful in the long term. And that’s why it’s so important to make UCG an integral part of your business strategy.

Trend #7

AI-generated videos

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) for content creation is on the rise. Texts, images and yes, even videos can be created in this way relatively quickly and easily. AI technologies, such as Stable Diffusion, are constantly evolving and will also simplify video editing in the future. This should make it possible, for example, to easily replace any object in clips.

The challenges

Training data & relevance

Those who want to try their hand at being a producer will come across a multitude of online tools for creating moving images. However, even if the use and thus the generation of video content through artificial intelligence seems tempting, it should be enjoyed with caution. In order for an application to deliver results that are as close to reality as possible, a lot of training data is required.

Also, Google is able to recognise AI-generated content and can abstract its use if it is deemed irrelevant. Want to create visual content quickly and easily without the help of AI? In the magazine article on video content creation using smartphones, you can find out how to film authentic articles at low cost.

Conclusion on video trends in 2023

One thing is already clear: There will be several developments around the creation and embedding of videos in 2023. Live and behind-the-scenes videos as well as user-generated content will remain important in authentic corporate communication. On LinkedIn in particular, the focus will increasingly turn to moving images next year. TikTok is becoming more and more important as a visual search engine, especially among Generation Z. And with the help of AI tools, the creation of videos will become even easier in the future.

Ready or not (yet)?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to jump on every trend. The important thing is to keep up with the developments that are relevant to your business. If TikTok as a social media channel has not been relevant for you so far, then you don’t have to become active there overnight.

Nevertheless, we will be happy to support you in developing a TikTok strategy and answer any other questions you may have about the latest video trends! Simply send us an e-mail!

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