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Ready for in-depth content knowledge?

Give me a C! Give me an O! Give me an N! Give me a … ok, this is taking too long. What we actually wanted to say is this: On May 21, 2019 Salzburg once again turned into the epicentre of good CONTENT. For the sixth time in a row, decision-makers met up with implementers, trend-setters and early adopters at IMLAUER HOTEL PITTER Salzburg to find out all there is to know for successful content marketers at the moment.

The conference day started out as every successful day should: with a tasty breakfast. The Breakfast Club was the perfect opportunity for about 300 participants to network and fuel up for the concentrated knowledge ahead. 

What came afterwards? 950 minutes of exciting information delivered in 19 sessions & workshops by 21 top-class speakers in two tracks and one special hands-on-track. And because we’re nice people, we have put together the most important take-aways from this day of good content for you. Here we go!
Der elements Kollege Robin Reger bei seiner Session am ContentDay 2019 | © punkt & komma

15 sessions in a nutshell

#1 Keynote: Using emotions to achieve more conversions – Fionn Kientzler
Times, they are a changing … Today’s content marketers are gradually turning into co-developers of user experience – with emotional elements as their key assets. After all, good content doesn’t necessarily need to be based on an exciting product or a unique service – although that’s what many people think. Relevant content means creating a successful marketing strategy around even the most mundane of commodities.
#2 Digital trend scouting 2019 – Daniel Rehn
What’s next in social media marketing? The answers were all there at this year’s ContentDay! For instance, did you know that the majority of internet users is too lazy to really think about online privacy? Partly public feeds are gradually turning into closed-off areas, the so-called “dark social”. What’s more, stories are the new social fast food. And what about video on demand? This concept will be successful up to the point when users start to go back to conventional TV because they are overwhelmed by the excessive supply.
#3 Long-term success instead of short-term visibility – Daniel Furch & Michael Dziewior
Did you know that more than 60 per cent of companies are investing less than 10 per cent of their budget in content marketing? And that’s in spite of content marketing being a targeted and sustainable way of overcoming banner blindness while making you visible. Content marketing even helps you cut costs – provided that you do it right. The simple yet efficient formula: Define your purpose, listen, orchestrate the eco system, create added value and invest in good content!
Zahlreiche Teilnehmer sind im großen Saal versammelt | © punkt & komma
Keynote-Speaker Fionn Kientzler, der auf der Bühne zum gespannten Publikum spricht | © punkt & komma
#4 “Back to the roots” with videos – Michael Gamböck
Storytelling should be at the core of every piece of content, with videos as the perfect vehicle to tell your story. To underline this assumption, conference participants joined Michael Gamböck on the journey of video evolution from campfires to social media live sessions – only to find out that moving images have become today’s digital bonfire for authentic (mostly mobile) stories.
#5 How trade, industry and companies use videos – Marc Figur
Hero, hub and help: These are the three main categories of video content for sales channels. Using examples such as the Superbowl commercial “Alexa loses her voice”, HolzWerken TV or OBI Rat & Tat, Marc Figur took his listeners on a 10-step journey to successful video content.
Initiatorin Ines Eschbacher und Jürgen Hofer vom Horizont und Manstein Verlag begrüßen das Publikum  | © punkt & komma
Ein Teil der rund 300 Teilnehmer, die im Imlauer Hotel Pitter zum ContentDay zusammen kamen | © punkt & komma
#6 User signals in content marketing – Lucas Schärf & Christian Schneider
“The consumer decides what’s hot!” That’s why content marketers should find out what their potential customers actually want. Or rather, why they want it! How does this work? For instance, with the help of adaptive content marketing that adjusts content to the user’s preferences in real time. The result: valuable insights for future campaigns with an even bigger goal – making users love rather than want.
#7 One year of DSGVO – Peter Harlander
A lot has happened since the General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO) came into effect in Austria one year ago. And there’s still a lot to come! For instance, it’s a fact that the use of Facebook in itself is against data protection laws. That’s why content marketers should prepare for a plan B. It’s also a fact that companies complying with DSGVO regulations currently are at a competitive disadvantage. Nevertheless, if you want to be on the safe side, you have to seek your users’ active, voluntary and informed consent to process their data. 
#8 What kind of visual content holidaymakers are interested in – Holger Sicking
It’s all about kids, cats and culinary treats – or is it? After all, your target audience decides what’s hot and what’s not, and that’s true for texts as well as for images. Vast landscapes, often in combination with urban elements, without people in them. That’s the kind of depiction of Austria that Instagram and Facebook users like best!
Daniel Furch und Michael Dziewior erklärten am ContentDay 2019, wie man langfristig erfolgreich statt kurzfristig sichtbar ist | © punkt & komma
Ein Plakat mit dem Slogan "It's all about content!" | © punkt & komma
#9 Introducing the online reportage – Viktoria Klimpfinger
What do online reportages have to do with content marketing? Quite a lot! As a cross-channel concept, this journalistic format has a number of advantages. It can be useful to sharpen a brand’s style as well as profile and help to position it. In addition, it can foster sustainable, long-term reader loyalty. Last but not least, it has the power to sell products and services in a direct and authentic way
#10 User experience in times of content & Co. – Christoph Schwaiger
Successful content isn’t just about how you write your pieces – it’s also about how you style them. Ideally, your design should be centred around the user. How can you help him to solve his problems and satisfy his needs? The answer lies in emotions and new ways of design thinking that lead to solutions with an added value. After all, Google only loves you when everyone loves you first! 
#11 Content creation with the help of algorithms – Alexander Siebert
Automated text generation: every content marketer’s nightmare? Not necessarily! After all, it’s quite impressive what artificial intelligence is already capable of in terms of text creation, making it a vital tool for online shops with many products, weather forecasts, sports results and other large-scale content projects. By the way, if you’d like to find out more about this topic, you can do so in our blog post ”The status quo of content automation“ …    
Nach dem Motto Wissen zum Mitnehmen werden interessante Fakten gleich notiert | © punkt & komma
Speakerin Cornelia Maier beim Netzwerken am ContentDay 2019 | © punkt & komma
#12 The anatomy of the perfect content team – Cornelia Maier
A real no-brainer for our Conny! After all, she has – ahem – quite a perfect team to draw her experience from. How can others benefit from a dream team like ours? Destroy silos, collaborate across departments and put the story first! Keep in mind that content creation requires a holistic approach – after all, a perfect content marketing team covers up to 16 different roles!
#13 Pinterest as the anti-Facebook of social networks – Susann Ermes
Pinterest and companies? A great symbiosis that should definitely be taken advantage of! After all, Pinterest is becoming increasingly popular, offering companies the chance to position themselves on a young, inspiring networking site. Whether it’s with your own board, with Pinterest ads or as part of the community – in times of B2Me, it’s well worth taking a closer look at this social network.
#14 How to: Instagram stories – Robin Reger
Fun, status, wellness, discovery and hidden urban gems – these are the “Top 5 reasons to share something” on Instagram. As a playful, authentic, interactive and transitory tool, Instagram stories offer perfect opportunities for making your brand the topic of conversation. But always keep it simple, real and fast – and, of course: think mobile!
#15 Content marketing along the customer journey – Marco Lauerwald
Research, planning, creation, distribution, analysis – that’s how the content marketing cycle works. In times of “content shock”, it’s all about creating high-quality content with added value. About creating content for people instead of Google or Facebook. Because even though we might not like it: Only 1/5 of all content is ever read by an actual user!
Luftballons im Hintergrund und ein Kärtchen mit dem Spruch "Content is my secret superpower" im Fokus | © punkt & komma
Das Team von punkt & komma heißt die Besucher des ContentDays mit Goodie Bags willkommen | © punkt & komma

Was that it?

Certainly not! All those who wanted to try their hand at successful content marketing themselves, had the chance to sign up for one of the three workshops of the hands-on track in advance. And that’s how 40 participants embarked on a journey from empty Excel sheet to perfect editorial calendar. Made their first experiences in terms of smart content production with mobile devices. And tried out different mechanisms from the psychology of advertising to see how they affected their conversions. A hands-on-content experience with plenty of knowledge to take away!

All’s well that ends well – and the same was true for a successful day of content marketing. If you’re eager to find out more about one of the sessions, the individual presentations can be found on the ContentDay website. And if you can’t wait for the next edition of the ContentDay, stay up to date with the ContentDay newsletter!
Insgesamt 19 internationale Speaker sorgten für eine abwechslungsreiche Agenda | © punkt & komma

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