Influencer marketing trends 2019

What’s hot and what’s not in working with bloggers and influencers?

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Christina Heekeren-Thür
Social media marketer
“Influencer marketing is just a fad!” – we have heard this time and again throughout the past years, from clients as well as industry colleagues. Nobody was quite sure if influencers were here to stay or whether it was a good idea to put money into this type of online PR.

However, things the situation looks quite different today. More and more clients and companies have discovered the great potential of influencer relations. And, consequently, want to “do something with influencers” now. However, with the increasing professionalisation of the trade, it’s not all that easy. Whether it’s finding the right influencer or drawing up a campaign strategy – it’s not enough to “just get started”. What will the future of influencer marketing look like? What’s here to stay? We’ll tell you about it! 
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The status quo of influencer marketing: an elaborate strategy and new channels

One thing’s for sure: A solid strategy is the be-all and end-all of any successful influencer campaign! It’s all about great ideas and new ways. Because only those who stand out from the crowd stand a chance in the murky depths of today’s social media platforms! Consequently, it might be a good idea to try new channels. Not every influencer campaign has to be played out via Instagram! For instance, many products, especially in the B2B realm, are better suited for YouTube.

Good to know: Your target group is Generation Z? Then you should find out about Twitch!
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Influencer marketing in the B2B realm

B2B influencer marketing – a silly idea? Not necessarily! After all, authentic content is more important than ever in this area! But keep one thing in mind: What works for B2C isn’t necessarily a good idea for B2B. What’s more, B2B influencer marketing takes time. It’s hard work setting up a valid B2B campaign. After all, as an ambassador, the potential influencer has to wholly identify with the brand or company.
What does a B2B campaign look like? Well, there are many ways to get there. For instance, your influencer could be an interview partner on your corporate blog. Or take over the social media accounts of your brand. Another idea is to let him or her push select events. As you can see, the possibilities are almost endless, provided you have the right strategy.
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The increasing importance of KPIs

Of course, you want your influencer campaign to pay off! That’s why it’s important to monitor the relevant KPIs. And by that we don’t mean the number of followers! After all, the trend is towards micro and nano influencers – because a high number of followers doesn’t necessarily mean high reach!

By the way: A nano influencer is your average user who only has his or her account for fun.
KPIs to keep an eye on:
  • Engagement: Always see an influencer’s engagement in relation to his number of followers. Otherwise, interaction rate is just a number. Also take a look at the way your influencer communicates with his or her community. 
  • Traffic and conversions: Has traffic increased over the duration of the campaign? What about the conversion rate? Did your turnover go up? Your boss is sure to be interested in these figures!
  • Follower growth: Of course, a rise in follower numbers on your own channel is also an indicator of your influencer campaign’s success.
  • Hashtags: You created a hashtag for your campaign? Very good! Keep an eye on how things are going and find out if the community really uses your hashtag. 

Video content is the new king

It’s no secret: Today’s content marketing throne room is not complete without King Video! And that’s no surprise considering that moving images are real attention-grabbers. In combination with a comprehensive influencer campaign, they can even go viral. So what are you waiting for? Capture your influencer event on video, create YouTube tutorials and make use of Instagram story highlights! 
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Influencer Recognition Ads on Facebook and Instagram

Listen up, marketers: There’s a new way to push your influencer campaign even more! After your collaboration, company ads with your influencer content are displayed on Facebook and/or Instagram. These Influencer Recognition Ads work on the assumption that the target group recognizes the ad content and clicks through to the company site – and maybe even buys something!

Conclusion: Influencer marketing is more than just a fad! Quite the contrary: Collaborations with “internet stars” will become even more important – and more professional! – in the future.
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