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Waldviertel's natural spectacles

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Who's behind the project?

The Waldviertel region in the northwest of Lower Austria is one of the most fascinating regions of the country. Not as touched by tourism as other parts of Lower Austria, the Waldviertel is developing into a secret star among nature lovers and short trippers. 

The region between the Danube and the Czech border has a lot to offer, especially when it comes to forests and meadows and the various excursion destinations there. From mysterious power places to the famous logans and expansive national parks: The natural spectacles of the Waldviertel were the focus of this web copy project. 

The challenge

How do you write a text about a place you have never visited? This requires special intuition, empathy and a heaping scoop of writing experience. In the case of the natural sites, the editors had relatively little briefing materials to base their texts on. Most of the important information they had to research themselves. On the one hand, via online sources – on the other hand, the "old school way" via print materials or phone calls with people on site. The ultimate goal: to write authentic texts that capture the character of the Waldviertel region and contain all the important key facts about the natural sites there.

The special nature of the project 

In addition to extensive research, the texts had to be written in a search engine friendly manner to achieve a good ranking on Google. The basis for this was a keyword research on the top niche topics of the respective location. The keyword research resulted in different focuses: inspiration and information.

In other words, the web copy for the natural sites has to satisfy two user intentions at the same time: the desire for inspiration (browsing behaviour between content pages) and specific information.

Project services

  • more than 50 texts in German
  • keyword research

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