Social Media Marketing

Who’s behind the project?

Schützenwirt in St. Jakob am Thurn is not just any kind of organic restaurant. It’s Austria’s best organic restaurant! Located in immediate proximity to the city of Salzburg, Schützenwirt is one of the leading organic-cuisine and gastronomic establishments of the region. The menu of this award-winning organic restaurant is diverse and inspired by what nature and the seasons have to offer. 

The popular restaurant also has a strong focus on sustainability. Kulturzentrum St. Jakob (cultural centre) can be found under the same roof, regularly holding select events. Right next door, you can find the Paracelsus school, a school for special-needs children and youths. The three components create a fertile cycle that sustains and strengthens itself.  
Das Küchenteam des Schützenwirts. | © Schützenwirt

The challenge

Schützenwirt is not just an organic restaurant. It’s embedded in a much larger context that is the central theme of their corporate communication: Hospitality, culture and social commitment not only take place in the restaurant seating areas and in the kitchen but also in the next-door Kulturzentrum St. Jakob or at the Paracelsus school. 

That’s exactly where the challenge lies in terms of content marketing for the Schützenwirt. Combining these three areas and conveying the impression of a unified whole to guests as well as stakeholders was the most important task of the six-month launching phase. 
Rinderfilet fertig zum Servieren. | © Schützenwirt

The special nature of the project

The aim of the collaboration has always been to give the Schützenwirt team a jump-start for all further endeavours. Be it Facebook management, editorial planning or blog posts: Eventually, the employees alongside Hannes Reithmayr, their manager, were supposed to be able to plan, implement and optimise their own marketing activities. 
Koch beim Teig machen. | © Schützenwirt
Here’s what our customer says
„The punkt & komma team has supported us in establishing the social media presence of “Schützenwirt” in a professional way and will continue to help us with newsletter creation and consulting services. I would like to especially highlight their professional approach to the topic of organic food, which was particularly relevant to us, and the workshop right at the outset of our collaboration.“
Hannes Reithmayr