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Lebens(t)räume : Real stories from home. Told by real people.

Who is behind the project?

If you want to spend your holidays in the province of Salzburg, your first point of contact should be SalzburgerLand Tourismus GmbH. It is the marketing organisation of the province of Salzburg. In close cooperation with the regional tourism associations, they market tourism in the city and the province all year round. The company mainly advertises with nationally and internationally known testimonials.

In their new campaign, the tourism association wanted to make the province more approachable – and to shine the spotlight on the people who contribute to unforgettable holiday experiences there. To do so, stories are told by people from all parts of the province of Salzburg, with whom potential holiday guests but also locals can identify.


  • focus on authentic storytelling 
  • present the many facets of the province of Salzburg in captivating stories 
  • increase brand awareness and visibility
  • increase reach and interactions on social media (Instagram and Facebook)
  • create entertaining and emotional content in text and images

The stories were presented to the readers in a variety of ways: 15-second video teasers in Instagram Stories made users want to learn more about the personalities shown. Afterwards, quiz questions and polls invited them to interact. On the last slide of each story, a link took them directly to the full interview on the SalzburgerLand Tourismus website.


A budget and timeline were set for the campaign in advance, which left little room for elaborate productions. This made efficient project management and excellent communication – both internally at punkt & komma and with the client – all the more important. As far as the productions themselves were concerned, the motto was "quality before quantity”, but without ever losing sight of the goal: to establish Lebens(t)räume as a series format with recognition value that generates valuable traffic for the website via social media.

Our team faced a very special challenge when developing the stories. Normally, the project team writes the storyboard ahead of the actual day of the shoot. In this case, however, everything had to be created shortly before the shoot or even right on the spot. The result? 100 per cent authentic stories of the people who shape the province of Salzburg.

„It required a high degree of flexibility and professionalism in dealing with the protagonists, some of whom were standing in front of the camera for the first time. Conversely, the stories that emerged directly on location became even more personal.“
Johannes / Visual team
The special nature of the project

Authentic. Down-to-earth. Real.

With the 20 portraits, we took a fascinating look at the people "behind the scenes of tourism". During very personal interviews, they recalled their own little hero’s journeys.

Their stories are about ...

  • ... problems and obstacles,
  • ... wishes and dreams,
  • ... specific situations and
  • ... positive experiences.

The connection to the SalzburgerLand brand arises subconsciously – on purpose. No obvious naming was done because the people of Salzburg should be at the centre of their story. Regardless of age, place of residence or profession, the selected protagonists are connected to regional tourism in some way or another. People who could hardly be more different got their say, for instance, piste groomer Bartlmä, carving master Lisa, or city beekeeper Karoline.

Our services for SalzburgerLand Tourism at a glance

Getting to know the province of Salzburg from a new perspective

From June 2021 to March 2022, the punkt & komma team created and published 20 authentic portraits for SalzburgerLand Tourismus: The Lebens(t)räume campaign invites you on a unique journey through the SalzburgerLand region. Our colleagues also got to know their home, the province of Salzburg, from a whole new perspective during this collaboration.

The feedback from readers has been positive across the board. After an analysis of the numbers related to the 13 portraits that were published in 2021, the following can be concluded: Users are interested in exactly this kind of approachable storytelling – made by people for people. In total, the portraits reached 576,235 readers. That is roughly equivalent to the population of the province of Salzburg! On average, each portrait was seen about 89,000 times and liked, shared or commented on almost 8,000 times.

The success of this campaign has clearly shown us that users love and appreciate authentic stories told by real people. With this insight in mind, we are already exploring new ideas for authentic storytelling.
Do you want to use storytelling for your brand or company but don't know how? Get in touch with us – our experts will be happy to help!

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