Niederösterreich Werbung

Niederösterreich Werbung

Who’s behind the project?

Niederösterreich Werbung is the official tourism and marketing organisation of the Austrian federal state of Lower Austria. Their task is to market Lower Austria as an excursion and holiday destination – both nationally and internationally. The tourism marketing of Niederösterreich Werbung has to meet the needs and wishes of the six federal organisations and numerous other companies that all want to position Lower Austria as a destination for pleasure-loving guests. 

The challenge

Under the umbrella of Niederösterreich Werbung, the marketing teams of the individual federal associations (Danube, Mostviertel, Waldviertel, Vienna Woods and the Viennese Alps regions) act alongside numerous smaller organisations and businesses. On the one hand, they all have their own identity, on the other, they should contribute to strengthening the values of Lower Austria as a whole. 

Every business or organisation within the network – from the state-wide association to the small regional businesses – should have the chance to become active and present themselves in a way that’s keeping with the times. 
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The special nature of the project

In topic-related small groups, the businesses within the network of Niederösterreich Werbung regularly receive trainings about web copy writing and newsletter marketing. To ensure that the punkt & komma team can attend to the wishes of the participants even better, the groups are kept as small as possible (max. 12 people). In addition, the content of the workshops is tailored to thematic priorities. For instance, companies from the culinary sector were bundled and thus the groups consisted of participants from various regions. 

All workshops include up-to-date theoretical input on important web, SEO and newsletter marketing topics as well as a practical part. Participants can work on their own projects during the workshop and thus experience some first successes.