Tailor-made image campaign

HILTL Hosen-Manufaktur GmbH

A new brand identity for the premium men's trouser manufacturer

Who’s behind the project?

HILTL Hosen-Manufaktur has been producing and selling premium men's trousers since 1955. Their trouser models impress customers with high quality and functionality as well as with the highest wearing comfort. To achieve this, the company combines fashion and economic awareness and relies on production sites in Europe.

The result: sustainable and stylish fashion that has entered both everyday life and business. The trousers can be purchased in select online stores as well as in HILTL's online shop.

„HILTL. Trouser couture that spans generations.“


  • transform the brand’s image
  • increase brand awareness and visibility
  • increase reach and interactions on social media (Instagram and Facebook)
  • emotionalise the brand through storytelling
  • create content in text and (moving) images that can be distributed on all relevant channels (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, company website)


After a turbulent period, HILTL Hosen-Manufaktur was acquired by Swiss Lorea AG in 2021. Following the takeover, the textile company decided to return to its roots and original company principles: high quality, authenticity, individuality, and functionality. Now it was time to take these values out into the (online) world in the form of state-of-the-art content marketing. The rebranding of the traditional brand was primarily intended to appeal to younger target groups to whom – according to the company's own studies – the name HILTL was largely unknown.

Fashion and e-commerce are two exciting but also challenging and highly competitive industries. This makes it all the more important to stand out. With creative ideas and emotional content that inspires. A challenge we took on with joy and great enthusiasm – yet no easy task, given the very tight schedule: Less than five months went by from the first meeting to the campaign’s launch.

The special nature of the project

Storytelling from the initial pitch to implementation and targeted rollout

This project can definitely be chalked up as a cross-departmental success – as a perfect interplay between the editorial, visual storytelling, social media and campaign teams. The all-round support beyond content marketing needs to be emphasised here: The pros at elements took over the development of the new HILTL corporate website and were always on hand to answer technical questions.

Our services for HILTL at a glance

  • storytelling concept & targeted distribution planning
  • new company website: copywriting, design & implementation
  • production of an image video, hero videos and social media snippets
  • image photography for the campaign
  • collaboration with brand ambassadors
  • Facebook & Instagram: new feed design & social media support
  • supporting campaigns: mix of branding & performance (video ads, Google Discovery, Facebook & Instagram ads, social retail, Google Shopping, Google/Bing ads)

A hero's journey that isn’t over yet

A completely new brand image was to bring more attention to the company and convey the original high standards of the brand. Under the slogan “HILTL. Trouser couture that spans generations”, a campaign was created that does not focus on the trousers themselves but on the people who wear them.

The storytelling idea of the hero's journey works on all relevant channels: on Instagram and Facebook but also on the website and at the POS. Authentic content – both written and visual – creates a variety of opportunities to identify with HILTL as a brand. The high quality, individuality and functionality of the trousers are highlighted using different personas, the “brand heroes”.

Results that tell a story … of success!

punkt & komma and elements succeeded in presenting the HILTL brand in a new, contemporary and authentic light. The brand campaign stirs emotions and creatively showcases HILTL's premium men's trousers – across channels, from the first touchpoint on Google or social media to the specially developed company website.

The fruitfulness of this collaboration is also reflected in the figures: From October 2021 to the end of January 2022, the engagement and impression rate increased times a thousand compared to the previous quarter. And the HILTL brand received over 60 per cent more attention on the World Wide Web in recent months than in the previous quarter.

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